Al Roberts

President Tim Perrin announced that Al Roberts has been named president of the LCU Foundation, effective June 1, 2015. Perrin stated, “Al Roberts is the right person at the right time to lead the LCU Foundation. I am indebted to Dr. Ken Jones for providing such strong leadership of the Foundation during the course of the past year and look forward to working with Al to advance the university’s mission.”

Since its founding in 2011, the LCU Foundation has been a crucial asset in multiple university initiatives—from funding student scholarships to the construction of the Talkington Nursing Center—by providing a channel for external resources and donations to the university.

Ken Jones, Chancellor of LCU, has served as interim director of the Foundation for the past year, but is pleased to welcome Al Roberts as the new president of the LCU Foundation. As president, Roberts hopes to see the Foundation vitally involved in more university campaigns.

“The Foundation is a tool, an adjacent resource that gives the university more flexibility. We share the mission and vision of the university, but provide a unique approach to secure resources for the support of LCU,” Roberts said. “I am pleased to accept this appointment, and I am looking forward to working closely with President Perrin and Dr. Jones to help fully achieve the vision of the Foundation.”

Already, Roberts is developing ideas for future Foundation initiatives. Some of Roberts’ long-term goals include providing more options for scholarships, supporting students attending The Washington Center with D.C. internships, and working to accommodate the needs of athletics and extracurricular activities on campus.

Prior to working at LCU, Roberts worked for 30 years in telecommunications, occupying executive positions within Verizon, Qwest, and Century Link. He has been married for 35 years to his high-school sweetheart, Judy, and they have three children, Jon, Bryan (’09), and Abby. Though not an LCU alumus himself, Roberts was drawn into the community when Bryan joined as a student.

“One thing kind of led to another, and I ended up plugged in,” Roberts explained.

After moving to Lubbock, Roberts served on the Board of Trustees for five years. Now, as president of the Foundation, he plans to reach out to the trustees and the Foundation board. Understanding the expectations and interests of this collective group will help Roberts seek out the best opportunities to benefit LCU.

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